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Can you name the facts about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

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For which subject is Harry doing homework at the start of the book?
What did Ron do wrong when he tried to phone Harry?
How much money did Arthur win in the daily prophet draw?
What is the name of the Aunt that Harry blows up?
What is the name of that aunts dog?
What is the name of the conductor on the Knight Bus?
And the driver?
What was the last thing Harry asked Fudge before he went to his room in the leaky cauldron
How long does it take a Firebolt to reach 150mph from rest?
What did Fred and George bewitch Percy's new badge to say?
What do you need to eat after meeting a Dementor?
What colour teacup did Neville break in Divination?
What colour was he asked to use after he broke this one?
How do you open the monster book of monsters?
What did Malfoy call Buckbeak to make him angry?
Who was in the staffroom when the third years went to battle the boggart?
Who informed Dumdledore that it was Sirius that had slashed the Fat Ladies portrait?
Who replaces the Fat Lady?
What was the name of the drawer in which Fred and George found the marauders map
How did George cause a diversion so Fred could steal it?
Where does the passage behind the one eyed witch statue end up?
How many people celebrated christmas at Hogwarts?
Why did Sir Cadogan let Sirius into the Gryffindor Tower?
Who called Hagrid pathetic?
How did Hermione react?
Where does the passage under the Whomping Willow lead?
What could James Potter transform into?
What is 'Hermione's Secret'?
Whos office did they detain Sirius in?
What reward did Fudge offer Snape?

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