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Can you name the facts about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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What pudding did Aunt Petunia prepare for the dinner party with the Mason's?
What is the name of the witch from the Improper Use of Magic Office?
What did Harry forget as he was about to leave with the Weasley's?
What book does Mrs Weasley use to find out how to deal with garden gnomes?
How many Gilderoy Lockhart books were on the school list?
Name one
Where did the Weasley's and Harry travel from to get back to the Burrow?
How did they travel?
What is the make and model of Mr Weasley's car?
In which county does Mrs Hetty Bayliss live?
What plants were the second years repotting in their first Herbology lesson of the year?
What did Lockhart set the second years in their first lesson with him?
What spell is supposed to stop pixies?
What is Ron's detention for crashing into the Whomping Willow?
What is Harry's?
What does the Basilisk say the first time Harry hears it? (first eight words)
What date is Nick's deathday?
Who is the first victim of the Basilisk?
What spell summons a snake?
Finish the song Peeves made about Harry: Oh potter you rotter, oh what have you done ...
Name one power a Phoenix has
Who does Hermione think shes taken a hair from for her polyjuice potion?
How many points would you get for throwing a book through Myrtles head?
What are Lockharts 'friendly,card carrying cupids'?
Who is Hermione found petrified with?
What colour was Fudges hat when he came to arrest Hagrid?
What saves Ron and Harry from the spiders?
What is fatal to a Basilisk?
Who did Myrtle haunt after she died?
What item of clothing does Dobby receive?

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