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QUIZ: Can you name some of the well liked drag race contestants?

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Well liked for her rough around the edges drag, and being genuinely very charming and a blooming talent.
Well like for being funny without trying, her MANY catchphrases and just generally being a joke of the show.
Liked for her sense of humour, as well as being genuinely likeable.
Well liked for being attractive out of drag, and for her very unique style.
Liked because of her humour, 'runway' avante garde styles, and being one of the first alternative winners.
Well liked for her charm, her unique style, and the fact that she was one of the only genuinely nice queens on her season.
Well liked for her major turn around in the show, her bravery, and her lip syncing skills.
Well liked because of her unique campy yet glamorous styles, and her witty charm.
Well liked for her style, her sass, her dark nature, and is sometimes said to have been robbed twice of the crown.
Often considered to have being wrongfully eliminated, a fan favourite because of her style and sweet nature.
Well liked because of her quirky nature and general humour.
Well liked for being an underdog in the competition, and being across the board talented.
Well liked for being genuinely sweet, inspirational words and sticking up for people.
Well liked for demonstrating bravery within her season, and her sense of humour/unique style.
Often considered the should have been winner of her season, liked for her humour and general sweet nature.
Liked because of her bitchy sense of humour, whilst still being humble and motherly.
Well liked for being a very charming character, cute, and her hilarious sense of humour.
Well liked for creating many catch phrases, her charm, inspirational words, and laugh.
Well liked for her bitchy sense of humour, her general wittiness and generally not giving a damn.
Well liked for her humour, catch phrases, and her often unique style.
Often considered the deserving winner of her season, liked for her unique look and general charm.

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