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Disliked for being genuinely annoying and a trouble maker.
Disliked for being irrelevant and an abhorrent lipsync.
Disliked for genuinely having a bad attitude and somewhat not deserving her place in the top 3.
Disliked for having a bitchy, 'too good' attitude, as well as being boring, with many considering her not deserving of being winner.
Disliked for being annoying, and doing something that was considered crazy.
Disliked for being whiney, and constantly being an instigator/holding onto past matters.
Disliked for her very cocky attitude, and constant boasting about her skills and best attributes.
Disliked for being very strange, and forcing people to question what was she thinking?!
Disliked for her bad attitude to the competition and her angry nature.
Disliked for being bitchy in the confessionals, and constantly complaining.
Disliked for being constantly bitchy, and making rude comments to others with no foundation for them.
Disliked for her bitchy attitude towards other contestants, yet is somewhat liked by some.
Disliked for being boring and forgettable, relying just on her looks.
Disliked for her constantly angry attitude, and causing many fights with other contestants.
Disliked by some for being somewhat of an instigator, yet is while liked as well.
Disliked for being generally annoying, complaining, whining and crying a lot.
Disliked for not being very talented, and her constantly making excuses/whining.
Disliked for her bitchy nature, and being rude to other contestants for no apparent reason.
Disliked by some for her whiney attitude, and constant complaining.
Disliked for being one of the most forgettable contestants, genuinely irrelevant.
Disliked for being genuinely not very talented, and making it further into the show than she deserved.

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