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Can you name the T.A. thru T.Z. Initially?

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T.A.Israel's second most populous city
T.B.Don Ho's signature song
T.C.A movie about golf starring Kevin Costner
T.D.1976 movie starring Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster
T.E.U2's lead guitar player
T.F. Carrier of 'sleeping sickness'
T.G.Drew Barrymore's second husband
T.H.Planters' Mr. Peanut wears one
T.I.Dallas based company which developes semiconducters and computer technology
T.J.His surgery is more famous then his pitching
T.K.'Red Solo Cup'
T.L.Female surgical procedure for sterilization
T.M.Ear drum
T.N.What you try to get off an attractive person at a bar
T.O.Corporal Maxwell Klinger's hometown
T.P.Post carved and painted by Native Americans
T.Q.An action role-playing computer game released in 2006
T.R.'Bang a gong (Get it on)'
T.S.Kojak - 'who loves ya, baby'
T.T.Jam-Master Jay's tool of his trade
T.U.Alma mater of Bill Cosby
T.V.Where to go to buy a hammer
T.W.Nominated for a an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for 'Looking for Mr. Goodbar' in 1978
T.X.A Greek fraternity
T.Y.How far is needed for a first down
T.Z.Hosted by Rod Serling

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