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HintNameYear Born
Put forward one of the most simplest concepts in Geometry570 BC
Famously ran through the streets naked287 BC
Arab Renaissance man considered by many to be the 'father of chemistry'721 AD
Painted a naked man and a smiling woman1452 AD
Challenged the Church with the discovery of heliocentric cosmology1473 AD
Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution1564 AD
He is credited as the father of analytical geometry1596 AD
Revolutionised science from under an apple tree1643 AD
Before him, there was only hot, warm and cold1686 AD
Swiss mathematician/physicist, has a identity, formula, theorem, circle and beam equation named after him1707 AD
A rather normal distribution is named after him1777 AD
Shares his name with a comical macabre awards ceremony, wrote 'On the Origin of Species'1809 AD
Created the first vaccine for rabies1822 AD
Created the first true colour photograph in 18611831 AD
Liked blowing things up and founded a organisation which gives awards and money to people who make significant contributions to society1833 AD
HintNameYear Born
Credited as the creator of a prevalent table used by Chemists today1834 AD
Developed an equation to describe the dynamics of an ideal gas1844 AD
Has a last name that sounds like the strait between Alaska and Siberia, developed a serum therapy to fight diphtheria and tetanus1854 AD
Despite his indispensable contributions to electronics, he died with significant debts to his name1856 AD
Recognized as one of the most influential and universal mathematicians of the 19th and early 20th centuries, put forward a collection of problems in 19001862 AD
Had a distaste for plum pudding; prefered gold leaf1871 AD
His association with great intelligence and originality has made his name synonymous with genius1879 AD
Lends his name to a special counter which would be helpful if journeying to Chernobyl1882 AD
Toyed with our view of life and death, and cats1887 AD
A synthetic element, A National Accelerator Lab, A Gamma-ray Space Telescope, and a type of particles are named after him1901 AD
Best known for his role as the scientific director of the Manhattan Project1904 AD
Co-discovered the structure of DNA, shares his last name with a fictional crime fighting sidekick1928 AD
Introduced the term meme, and is hated by Christians all over the world1941 AD
Physicist who has appeared in Family Guy, Futurama and Simpson1942 AD

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