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I found my billfold I cried oh no no Good time Charlie got me now I'm broke But it was worth acting like a fool
Sometimes the greater plan Is kinda hard to understand Right now it don't make sense
And here we are again tonight, Holding on, feeling right. Before I hit the lights.
I pulled over cause I couldn’t believe Two weeks ago that was you and me
So come on over here and get in my arms Spin me around this big ole barn Tangle me up like grandma's yarn, yeah, yeah, yeah
I wish I knew where that old truck was. If it could talk it could tell on us.
I talk about bein' caught off guard Talk about an old boy fallin' hard Think about a few weeks flyin' by and talk about losin' track of time
Time to bring it on in, pay the loans down Fill our diesel tank up, make another round There's a big red moon comin' up in the sky
I'm looking for my end, and it's all in While he's just waiting for the night to end I ain't never seen nothing like you But I got it in my mind what I wanna do
I can't go anywhere, I can't do anything
 No, I can't close my eyes without you in my dreams

Roll down the windows, turn it on up Pour a little crown in a dixie cup Get the party started
The sun will be shinning, On my cold drink, And I'll be lying On a miller light towel Havin' happy hour
Oh Mama, what am I gonna do She said, 'Child there's only one thing you can do'
And I'm gonna bring somebody I barely even know And when you turn my way, I'm gonna pull her in close
Before the week, we'd had you and me Being drunk, tangled up, waking up No, we wouldn't be done Just getting started Every night, another party Making out in a crowd
You're like a wreck out on the highway I can't look away and I can't pass through You're like an early morning Monday Bringing me down, messing with my mood
We won’t ever look as good as we do now So let’s take another shot, drink another round
You can blame it on my southern boy ways Why I’m always running away
He keeps his eye on the back porch She walks out, kicks off her shoes
Jacked up trucks Stacked in thick White rocks stuck In the mud grips
yeah i know that color on your lips to well
The trees all cross and are covered in moss If the crickets wanna know then I’ll tell them what I lost
On Wednesday nights, we'd meet at church You'd bring the kids, and I'd come straight from work
I'm walkin' down the street, shufflin' my feet Whistling a feel good song
Bound by something strong but still so wild and free It gives into the passion of the pair that takes
You fight, you cry, you lie, you bleed And you lean on one another
Kappa Delta Tri Delts you look so fine Ooo don’t know what I’m gonna do around those Zeta’s Theta’s Chi O’s and little Phi Mu’s
Up 'til then, all I'd ever listened to was a little 'Sweet Home...,' 'Tuesday's Gone,' and 'Working Man Blues.'
It was spring break, we were out late, And I though goodness for heavens sake. When I saw you... And then I kissed you...
It was the last night at the Holiday Inn There was a fire on the beach I was trying to talk to some other girl And she was bird-dogging me
Have the time of your life There's something in this Spring time air tonight And we're gonna do it up right...
Girl, I don’t care. Oh I just gotta see what you’re wearing. Your hair, is it pulled up or falling down?
Caviar and a Triscut ain't no redeye gravy on a biscut.
Andy my 30-06, I'm runnin' out of Miller Lite Trucks in park, the dog won't bark
Now that I'm free for the rest of the week Feel free to tag alone Whatever y'all need, yeah, it's on me So here's to me doing whatever the hell I want
It's Friday afternoon and the countdowns on, cell phone's singin' that All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin' Over Tonight, bad to the bone rington, come on, come on, come on, baby let's
I got that real good feel good stuff Up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck
To your life, and your kids, and your ex-wife With just a telephone call. If you think it's just a bottle, In an old brown paper sack
Got the stars coming out over my hood And all I know now is it’s going good
I said hey girl Whatcha doing later on? She said I'm getting off work later on
It took me and four of my buddies Half the night to pull out my truck
It held extra line, lures, hooks, and matches. And his last name engraved in black, Right there by the handle on the top.
Up in every move you make, baby I'm your DJ Your my favorite song, won't you let me sing-a-long
I'll wake up, and I'll start to second guess myself And I'll crave your touch, oh but I know too well...
You like the ivy league hum-v tennis sweater type But girl I'm here to tell you don't believe the hype
But 1 turned to 10 and 10 turned to 20 And 20 plus an empty bottle's too damn many
The next Friday night we were sittin' out under the stars You should have seen her smile when I broke out my guitar
Farmer Johnson does a little dance Creeks on the rise, roll up your pants Country girls, they wanna cuddle Kids out playin' in a big mud puddle
Daddy brought me down here when I was a kid Taught me how to bait a crawfish basket. From the time I was old enough to walk He had me running down squirrels and rabbits.
You're a cell phone splashin' in my coffee cup, A fumble on the one when my team was going up,
Still warm from the sun Pushed it back, gave me a kiss with Bacardi on her lips and I was done
swear I'm about to lose it When you look at me, look at me with those big pretty blue eyes
At first I thought she was kiddin when she mentioned skinny dipping. She said follow me through the trees yes siree unless I misunderstood.
Butter drippin' off a biscuit, baby better take a bite Cantaloupe thumps like it's finally ripe
Didn't even check in the room, We went straight for the beach, Didn't even give the ice a chance to melt;
There was no such thing as consequence With her in my arms it finally made sense In that moonlight, I saw her tan lines
There’s a place I can get up against your lips That’s where I gotta be with you lookin' like this
Remember when we didn't have nothing But a perfect simple kind of loving? Baby, those sure were the days
She mentioned that she loves, This kind of sushi, veggie, raw and edgy natural stuff.
You can chug it down all you want But you ain't gonna last long Trust me you can get there with
Watch how she makes this beach Light up like the sky on New Year's Eve Love it when she's locked on me
Ain’t no reason running after something already gone Take off your leavin' dress Let’s do what we do best I guess everybody’s got their way of moving on
Seventeen, we owned those streets Parking lot, that was our spot That’s where we’d always meet
Monday through 5 o' clock Friday I'm a hard workin' man. Responsible, kinda dull, head-down, stick to the plan.
You either lived on a farm or wish you did. Jesus always walked close by our side.
Sometimes you get a bill in the mail You don't know how you're gonna pay Then your baby wraps her arms around you And makes it all go away
Where you can roll your windows down Baby, take my arm Ain't hearin' nothin' such a beautiful sound?

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