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Can you name the choice which is more money in this NBA players salary comparisons quiz?

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( A ) Karl Malone's 2002-03 salary OR ( B ) The yearly salary of 250 mail carriers in 2010 combined.
( A ) Dwight Howard's 2010-11 salary OR ( B ) Nicolas Cage's salary for the role of Superman in the movie Superman Lives
( A ) Andrei Kirilenko's 2010-11 salary OR ( B ) 1,047 semi-automatic AK 47 rifles
( A ) Javaris Crittenton's 2009-10 salary OR ( B ) The cost to house a prisoner for fifty years in a California prison
( A ) Rashard Lewis's 2011-12 salary OR ( B ) The combined 2011-12 salary of Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, and Kevin Love
( A ) Greg Oden's 2011-12 salary OR ( B ) The maximum unemployment benefit he could get from now until he is 100 years old.
( A ) Eddy Curry's 2011-12 salary OR ( B ) Ten million Krispy Kreme donuts
( A ) Jason Kidd's 2011-12 salary OR ( B ) The yearly upkeep of Paul Allen's yacht.
( A ) The President, Vice President and Speaker of the House's annual salary OR ( B ) The amount Miami Heat's big three collectively earn in one game (2011-12).
( A ) Carlos Boozer's career NBA earnings OR ( B ) The price paid for Jackson Pollock's painting, 'No. 5, 1948'
( A ) Brian Scalabrine's career NBA earnings OR ( B ) The cost of 500,000 Snuggies (micro fleece blankets)
( A ) Russell Westbrooks 2011-12 salary OR ( B ) The asking price of 'Vieuxtemps Guarner', a violin by Giuseppe Guarneri
( A ) Metta World Peace's career NBA earnings OR ( B ) The domestic (U.S.) box office gross of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'
( A) The dollar amount Brian Cardinal has been paid per point in his NBA career. OR ( B ) The price of a brand new (2012) Ford Festiva S model.

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