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Can you name the answer from the choices of Bird, Magic, Jordan, Kobe, or Lebron?

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Who was born in Brooklyn, New York?
Who has never had a season with a FG% of .500 or more?
Who has worn the highest jersey number?
Who was not drafted in the top 10?
Who has the least regular season career points?
Who has the most career regular season blocks?
Who has made the most regular season 3 pointers?
Who has the worst regular season free throw %?
Who has averaged the least amount of rebounds per game?
Who has averaged the least amount of steals per game?
Who has averaged the least amount of assists per game?
Who was not on McDonalds 35th Annivesary All American Team?
Who has not won multiple MVP awards?
QuestionAnswerExtra Information
Who has been selected All Star MVP the fewest times?
Who won an NBA Defensive player of the year award?
Who has never been on the NBA All Defensive Team?
Who had the worst round ever in the NBA 3 point shooting contest?
Who has been to the most NBA Finals?
Who has the middle name Raymone?
Who averaged the least amount of points in any one Olympics?
Who is the youngest All Star MVP of all time?
Who in their career only had one season in which they played 80 regular season games or more?
Who has never scored 50 points or more in a game?
Who is the only NBA player to win MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year?
Who played for Everett High School?

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