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a period in the development of human technology in between the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age and the Neolithic or New Stone Age, in which farming appeared. The term was introduced b
Traveler/trader found frozen dead body with arrow in back
Non-portable facilities or built forms
Game played at Cahokia with a small flat ball and arrows being thrown at it
About 250 caves known; Chauvet, Lascaux, Altamia
7500-7000 BCE, permanent town w/ thousands of people (Turkey). Apartment style town; daily life took place on rooftops- interior ritual spaces
begins at 100 CEPopulation of 90,000 covers 20 square km by 100 CE; To the north of Monte Albán, in the Valley of Mexico at 100 CE, sat two agricultural towns and religious center
30 KYA; many animals depicted including rhinos, lions, mammoths, aurochs inexes, etc.
Excavated by Sir Leonard Wooley, Queen Puabi
2.5 million years ago when the first evidence of craft and use of stone tools by hominids
Developed around the same time as the unification of the kingdoms under Narmer; consist of pictographic elements written on papyrus paper and carved into public building facades an
1050 CE at Cahokia; flowering civilization aferter supernova (religious significance)
Capital city of Shang Dynasty
economic accounting in cuneiform
accompanied by 59 female attendants bedecked in gold, silver, lapis lazuli, turquoise; entered ramp of tomb alive—no violence, they were dispatched by keepers who then drank pois
Multiplicity of fluid constructions or narrative that makes sense of experience and connects us
Succeeded in winning conflicts between competing upper and lower (Nile) kingdom; Egypt into one kingdom around 3100 BCE, becoming Egypt's first pharaoh
Involves using water to process soil or feature fill to recover tiny artifacts
Creation Myth; Similar world themes: – Hero twins – Sex – Magic – Underworld evils – Sacrifices of the innocent by the underworld lords – Creatioon from mud, create bei
Used to aligh buildings/walls of Chaco Canyon
inhabited the area of the lower Mississippi Valley and surrounding Gulf coas
For arthritic pain
built on mountainous hill top, top cut off and leveled, acropolis built, residences down the side with population at first of 5000 people
17 kya, 'Sistine' chapel with paintings of large game on ceilings
Stable carbon isotopes and nitrogen isotopes are absorbed by different types of plants at different rates due to photosynthesis variations across plant species
Things in nature have a spirit
Shows emergence of Old World People
By 7000 BCE had houses, storage pits, walls, toweragriculture, and NO obvious social hierarchy or government
Mesoamerican game
(3600‐3100 BCE)•First “cities' in the lower Tigris‐Euphrates plain of 'Sumer”up to 100 ha (250 acres) with 10‐20 thousand people•States and state ideologies•Monumen
Ethnography and ethnology
Early writing systems on oracle bones- scapulimancy-divinations for military, social, political reasons. Unlike anything found in Egypt and Mesopotamia
11,000 years old; In Turkey, permanent structure during early neolithic period; diverse set of artifacts; ritual site; variety of animals depicted in cave art; animal bones
Type of spear seen in Middle Paleolithic
@ 3500 BCE in Southern England, a boundary demarcating land of dead
British archaeologist best known for his excavations at Ur in Mesopotamia. He is considered to have been one of the first 'modern' archaeologists
non-portable objects made or modified by people
Language and thought
Road converges with others such as Pueblo Bonito. Seems to go no where. Debated to be used for either economic or religous purposes
one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centres of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization
Used by Maya as a health food
First emperor of China
Pre-Classic (Formative), Classic, Post-Classic; Olmec, Maya, Zapotec, Teotihuacano, Monte Albán, Teotihuacán; The ingredients of early civilization (the creation of “civil”so
elite warriors and sacrificial victimsburied here
non-artifactual organic remains used by people. Material remains of past human activities.
This was domesticated in region of Mexico about 4200 BCE (and can be stored for long periods relative to other plant seeds)
One such place set in stone: consider its location, skull rack, sacking and burning, fortress and superpositioningof Monte Albán buildings and pottery styles
Not your ordinary dancers , elites have power , elites at specific centers dictate the messages they send
Prehistoric, classical, historical
tool kits, stone tools, uniform, can be transported while traveling
Archaeologist of Stonehenge and Durrington Walls
Human Evolution and Variation

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