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This quiz's intention is for you to find out just how fleshed out your obscure trivia knowledge of TES lore is!

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How was the first settled imperial colony in Akavir, which was settled by Uriel Septim V, named?Its sister city was ionith
How was the son of Morihaus and Alessia named?
What is the oldest building in Tamriel?It was built in the merethic era
What was the highest achievable rank in the Order of the Dragon?There are 7 people who have achieved it
What is Morrowind's earlier name?
Who is the leader of the Maormer?He is a deathless wizard who is younger as time goes by
Which was the first island captured by the expeditionary force of Uriel Septim V?It was later annexed by Solitude
What is the name of the Dremora you met in Mankar Camoran's paradise in TES Oblivion?
To which Daedric prince does the artifact Gambolpuddy belong to?It is an armour piece
How are the native beastfolk of Valenwood called?
Who was Nahfahlaar's most ancient rival?
Who discovered the Niben river?He was an Aldmer
What was the two year period, in which the two moons, Masser and Secunda, disappeared,called?Because of this event, the Thalmor were able to overthrow the Elsweyr Confederacy
How was High Rock commonly referred to in the middle of the first era?
How is the oldest section of Windhelm called?You can purchase a property there in TES Skyrim

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