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In which episode does Lexie Grey first appear?
What does Meredith use to build her dream house?
After whom does Bailey name her son?
Who where the original people Mr. Clark wanted to shoot?
Who created the nickname McDreamy?
How many days did Mark have to go without sex?
And with whom does Addison break the promise?
After how many years did Ellis wake up?
What was the name of the pilot during the plane crash?
With what song does Matthew propose to April?
What part of her body did Cristina wax before her wedding with Burke?
How many hours did the first shift last?
Who takes over Dr. Bailey during her maternity leave?
How many patients survived Derek and Meredith´s clinical trial?
What do April and Jackson name their baby?
Which interns originally lived in Meredith´s house?
Who was Meredith´s first patient?
What is the name of Meredith´s other Grey Half-Sister?
What did Izzie name her daughter?
What does Dr. Robbins call babies?

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