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(Titans) Titan powered by a central power core, wielding a Splitter Rifle
Fire based tank Titan, wielding a T-203 Thermite Launcher
Ordinance Titan that can fly, wielding a Plasma Railgun
Fast and Small Titan, wielding a Broadsword and a Leadwall Shotgun
Defensive and tactical Titan, wielding a 40mm Tractor Cannon
A heavy and offensive Titan, wielding a Predator Cannon
An all-rounder ability based Titan, wielding an XO-16 Rifle
(Tactical) A Pilot who can shoot a grappling hook to get around
A Pilot who can use an active camouflage to turn invisible
A Pilot who can throw a knife that activates wall hacks in an area
A Pilot who can activate a serum that makes them run and heal much faster
A Pilot who can deploy a wall that buffs damage when shot through
A Pilot who can disappear from reality for a short time
A Pilot who can deploy a holographic clone from themselves
(Boosts) A boost that increases weapon damage
A boost that deploys explosive ground-drones
A boost that gives you a pistol with aim-bot
A boost that Reveals enemies through walls in short flashes
A boost that deploys an anti-personnel turret
A boost that gives you a free battery
A boost that disables the enemies radar
A boost that deploys an anti-Titan turret
A boost that phase shifts you to a previously visited location
A boost that places a 1 way particle shield
A boost that sends out 3 holographic projections
A boost that randomly selects one of the boosts
(Weapons) Full-auto high accuracy Assault Rifle (Basic Gun)
3 Burst Assault Rifle
Semi-automatic Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle with a horizontal recoil pattern
SMG with low rate of fire but high damage, first one you get
A twin barrel SMG
Energy actuated SMG
CQC SMG with very high ROF and very low recoil
A slowly stabilising LMG, named after a British WW2 plane
LMG that fires balls of energy
LMG with a rate of fire that increases as you fire
Powerful 1-shot Sniper Rifle
Twin barrel Sniper Rifle
Semi-automatic Sniper Rifle
Automatic Shotgun
Pump Shotgun with large spread
Semi-automatic Pistol
Pistol x Shotgun
Fully automatic Pistol
A revolver type Pistol with high accuracy and slow ROF
An Anti-Titan Weapon that fires a charged laser beam
An Anti-Titan Weapon that fires 2 magnetic grenades
An Anti-Titan Weapon that fires a slow moving ball of electricity
An Anti-Titan Weapon that slowly locks onto a target before firing a rocket
(Ordnance) An Ordnance that explodes shortly after pulling the pin
An Ordnance that disorientated enemies and blurs their vision
An Ordnance that creates a patch of fire on the ground
An Ordnance that sucks enemies into a center of gravity, and then repels them dealing high damage
An Ordnance that blankets an area in electric smoke
An Ordnance that sticks to a surface and can be remotely detonated
(Maps, for Attrition only) An IMC fuelling station nestled deep in the rocky canyons of the planet Cibus
A simulated town that has been plagued by bombings
The site of a crashed IMC freighter
A research facility used to test the effects of The Ark
A Drydock for spaceships
An ideal residential community created by the IMC for their Core Systems employees
A biological research station
A satellite communications and intelligence base
A remote area of the countryside with raised plateaus and large central tower
An abandoned town built from prefabricated buildings
A large city controlled by the IMC
A simulated arena of the planet Harmony
The Wreckage of the IMS Odyssey
An abandoned IMC reservoir
A simulation of Angel City and Airbase Sierra
(Factions) An elite group of Militia soldier
A group of cutthroat mercenaries, only in it for the money
A famous weapon and titan manufacturer
A ragtag group of soldiers, pilots and freelancers
An armed research and development wing of the IMC
An elite group of incredibly skilled pilots fighting for the frontiers freedom on their own terms
A group of Militia Pilots led by a robot who is still following orders, even after many years of service
A group of laid back mercenaries led by two ex 6-4 pilots

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