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Can you name the past and present NBA players based on these clues?

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I'm a former MVP and the only player to represent the USA in three Olympic Games
I played for two NBA champions and later attempted to run for President
I once had the single-season free throw percentage record but also fathered 14 kids with 9 women
I am the last player to be drafted into the NBA straight out of high school
I won Finals MVP awards 14 years apart and still found time to fight Bruce Lee
In my rookie year I became the youngest player to ever play in an NBA game
Because I danced before my team's home opener this past year, Colin Cowherd seems to think I'm not very smart
I was part of an exciting trio in the early 90's, but I'm the only one of the three in the Hall of Fame
I'm following in my dad's footsteps as a deadly accurate shooter. Please keep my teammate away from mopeds, though.
I once starred in a movie where I played a rapping genie. Seriously.
I'm not too popular stateside anymore, but north of the border I'm downright despised for how I left Toronto
There are a lot of players who were 'one-and-done' in college, but Corey Maggette, Kyrie Irving and I are the only ones to come from Duke
I am unfortunately best known for almost killing Rudy Tomjanovich
I was a budding superstar whose career took a turn for the worse when my team wasted $35 million on Jim McIlvaine
I set the single-game NBA Finals scoring record but became one of the first great players to retire without a championship
I was one of the first European players to play in the NBA, and became notorious for my 'acting' skills
The Suns love drafting twins: first Robin Lopez, then Taylor Griffin, and now me
I won an MVP in the early 1970's and became the last person to serve as an NBA player-coach
I'm the first Israeli to ever play in the NBA
Foot injuries cut my promising NBA career short, but you know may be better as a bombastic announcer for NBC

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