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(Quite literally) South of the Border, a tourist trap along I-95
House on the Rock, a massive architectural spite to Frank Lloyd Wright near Taliesin, featuing the so-called 'world's largest indoor carousel'
Virginia City, a silver mining town once called 'the richest city in America'
The United States Bullion Depository (which would be a more popular attraction if it were open to the public)
Lucy the Elephant, just south of a popular gambling city
A 'museum-quality replica' of the Santa Maria, appropriately located in the state's largest city
The nearly two-millennium-old Pharr [Native American burial] Mounds, near mile 287 of the Natchez Trace Parkway
Site of the world's largest hot air balloon festival, inaugurated in 1972
The 2,063-foot KVLY-TV broadcast tower; tallest man-made structure in the world from 1963-1970 and 1991-2008
The Dalton Highway, host to two seasons of a popular History Channel show
Scranton, principal setting of 'The Office'
At 450 feet, the tallest State Capitol building in the country
Observation Park, an overlook of the longest runway of RDU
The nation's least populous state capital
The Talladega Superspeedway
Site of the Battle of Little Bighorn, also known as Custer's Last Stand
Rehoboth Beach; and tax-free places to stay nearby
‘Iolani Palace, the only building that served as a royal palace, in the United States
Nickelodeon Universe, which replaced Camp Snoopy in a famous mall
The largest beer-brewing facility in the world
A monument northwest of the town of Lebanon, denoting the geographic center of the contiguous 48 states
Skyline Drive; Shenandoah National Park
The Rocky Hill Ferry: the oldest continuously operating ferry in the U.S.
The New River Gorge Bridge, over a valley in the Appalachians; for a while the highest (above-ground level) vehicular bridge in the Western Hemisphere
Forks, the setting for a popular series of vampire books
The Henry Ford Museum
Katz's Delicatessan, where a woman wanted what Sally 'had'
Fort Clatsop, Lewis and Clark's camp for the winter of 1805–06
Waterfire, a series of canal bonfires, near an Ivy League university in the state's largest city
A National Historic Site honoring nine students who attended the capital city's Central High School
Cloud Gate, a reflective bean-like sculpture in Millennium Park
Facebook headquarters
The Bonneville Salt Flats
Devil's Tower, the nation's first National Monument
The Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, the state's third-largest city
The real-life covered bridges of Madison County
The Spud Drive In [movie theater], in the town of Driggs, just west of a national park
Wall Drug; also, about 400 miles' worth of signs advertising it
The Mount Washington Cog Railway
Arthur Bryant's Barbeque, which, among many other restaurants in the city, some people consider to have the best BBQ in the country.
The Civil War battle site Antietam
Site of an infamous defeat at the hands of General Santa Anna
Site of a National Memorial established October 7, 1997, for an incident two years prior
The [University of] Notre Dame Stadium
The CNN Center, whose atrium features the longest freestanding escalator in the world
Kennebunkport, a lobster-fishing town near George H. W. Bush's summer home
London Bridge. Yes, that one.
Castillo de San Marcos -- a Spanish; British; Spanish, U.S.; Confederate; and U.S. fort.
Home of the Grand Ole Opry

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