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QUIZ: Can you name the Incident of the Unsolved cases?

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DescriptionCase name
This English murderer is one of the most infamous people of all time, known for a killing spree in Whitechapel area in London
The murder of this little girl created an alert system to help find missing children
Another infamous murder case, it is about this 6 year old beauty queen killed during Christmastime
A murder back in the forties, Elizabeth Short was found in an LA park completely cut in half
The only unsolved airplane hijacking in America, this man stole thousands of dollars and jumped out of a plane with a parachute
The dissaperance of this woman in Aruba caused a massive media coverage in America
The drive by shooting of this famous rapper who made the songs California Love and Life Goes on
DescriptionCase name
Similar to the question above, the case of a shooting of this rapper, specifically the rival of the person above
A series of random murders in Chicago involving a common painkiller
Another famous mass attack a week after 9/11, involving a chemical in letters
This murder was blamed on OJ Simpson but aquitted
Name the person aquitted of a different double murder that inspired a jump rope song
The disapperance of this Teamster's Union leader was last seen in 1975
The biggest art heist in history, two robbers dressed as cops went in the museum and stole 13 artworks

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