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Can you name the women chosen by Men's Health as the 100 Hottest of All Time?

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01)Take that, Angelina Jolie!
02)She's been a sex symbol since 1,000,000 B.C.
03)Cover girl for the first issue of Playboy!
04)Crossroads was her Glitter.
05)It took more than blonde ambition to make this list.
06)'Honey Ryder' appeared in Playboy simply 'because I'm beautiful.'
07)Known more for being than Pin Up Queen than anything else.
08)From Tool Time girl to Tommy Lee...I'm sure there's a joke in there.
09)She accepted her ill father's Best Actor Oscar on his behalf five months before his death.
10)Her father was a real champ. I wanted him to wake up, too.
11)Cross legs. Uncross legs. Cross legs. Make movie history.
12)The Avengers will know her as Black Widow.
13)Nominated for Best Actress Oscar for Indochine
14)Lost her role in a hit film series due to a poor choice of words.
15)She said her son's autism was the result of childhood vaccinations.
16)She kept the faith and became an uptown girl.
17)Birkhead was her baby's daddy. He told us so.
18)Waka waka! She has the 4th most viewed music video on YouTube!
19)She was Sammy Jo and Stacy at the same time!
20)With a seal of approval, she won't be hearing 'Auf Wiedersehen.'
21)Mrs. Vincent Cassel
22)Would she have made this list if she had Frida's eyebrows?
23)Rodman and Navarro singled her out.
24)She's been in relationships with both Shrek and Justin.
25)Tom Brady's wife, and highest paid model in the world.
26)72 sacred days of marriage earned her millions of dollars.
27)The force was with her at the 83rd Academy Awards.
28)She didn't make any old men grumpy in Viva Las Vegas.
29)This tennis star turned out to be the biggest loser in the end.
30)Mariska's mother, she appeared in Playboy over 30 times.
31)She wasn't an angel when she was burning the bed.
32)If she'd married Tom, her last name would've sounded redundant.
33)If she were a boy, she wouldn't have become Mrs. Z.
34)If you guess Cardinale, you'll probably get this one right.
35)Monster's Ball made her a part of entertainment history.
36)First person with million dollar legs insurance!
37)The face of Guess Jeans has been on over 500 covers!
38)Was she better in Metropolis or on Wisteria Lane?
39)Richard Gere would recognize that mole anywhere.
40)For her, all that Glitters is not gold.
41)Um...Mrs. Orlando Bloom?
42)She loves her Calvins, but isn't so fond of Tom Cruise.
43)This sportscaster is not a fan of peepholes.
44)You know what? Just type 'Rai.'
45)She was no Julie Newmar. Thankfully, she was no Halle Berry, either.
46)Night vision lens? That's hot.
47)She didn't speak English and met Oscar in 1962.
48)She, Tiegs, and Brinkley are tied for #2.
49)She knows how to make love like a porn star.
50)Andy Roddick would put her at #1 on this list.
51)I doubt she plays Words with Friends with Mr. Baldwin.
52)Debbie Reynolds might like one of those postcards.
53)Tony recognized her as Woman of the Year.
54)Not only was she an angel, she was fantastic.
55)Why don't you go up sometime and seeher?
56)That wasn't Linda Evans in those braided cornrows!
57)This foxy actress played Jackie.
58)She and Shawshank brought Andy and Red together.
59)Laurence Olivier called her 'the new Grace Kelly.'
60)She's known as a fly girl on the block.
61)This Bond girl was a wild thing.
62)She wasn't a sex symbol, she was a sex zombie.
63)A Daytime Emmy win made her smize.
64)This gay icon is a red blooded woman.
65)She's a real pussycat, doll, and she can dance.
66)This one may leave you clueless, Batman.
67)This blond bombshell was a red headed woman.
68)She told Whitesnake 'Here I go again!'
69)The color of her eyes is all the clue most will need.
70)Tess, snakes, and Quincy Jones.
71)Quagmire called her Cheryl Tiegs.
72)You might call her the master of thighs!
73)You'll love the bra she wore. She crossed her heart.
74)Rumer has it she's the mother.
75)And God created this french woman.
76)She was known as Anita Ekberg.
77)A little weird science might bring her name to mind.
78)This is one woman who knew her medicine!
79)She's so beautiful, she made Jimmy Stewart dizzy!
80)Sports Illustrated record holder
81)Though quiet, she was quite the It Girl.
82)I don't know about hot, but she's one fair lady.
83)Don't dream it. Be it. And God bless her.
84)I don't think Burt found her in Cincinnati.
85)Her erotic life earned her quite an entourage.
86)She was a real princess in high society.
87)She drives men mad, men.
88)Halle Berry knows what it's like being her.
89)Kevin Kline knows what's under that red bikini!
90)You'd never see her navel when you dreamed of her.
91)She was dirty when Fonda was crazy.
92)Yes, they're real. As real as her hair.
93)She's got a heart like a wheel.
94)She can get really animated!
95)She really is a pretty woman.
96)She's no Lacey Chabert.
97)You might catch her moonlighting some night.
98)The most photographed nude woman in America!
99)Ike who?
100)I wonder if Bo & Luke noticed the short shorts.

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