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What is the name of Carlton Lassiter's first partner, who he was involved with romantically, in the 'Pilot' episode?Season 1
What poisonous plant does Shawn leave on his dad's porch in the 'Earth to the Starbucks' episode?Season 1
In 'Bounty Hunters!', what is the name of the hair product, identified by Gus' Super Sniffer, that is the key piece of evidence leading to the capture of the culprit?Season 2
What is Shawn's character's name on the Spanish soap opera in 'Lights, Camera... Homicidio?'Season 2
In 'Daredevils!', what does the tattoo on the arm of Dutch the Cluth's crew member say, leading Shawn to believe that he had dated Dutch's wife?Season 3
What rare figurine did Juliet's old boyfriend give her as a gift in 'A Very Juliet Episode?'Season 4
After getting kicked out of a horse-drawn carriage by Gus in 'Extradition: British Columbia,' what is Shawn afraid of while walking through the forest?Season 4
In 'Shawn 2.0,' what is the name of the book that Declan Rand quotes, causing Shawn--who is listening to the same book on tape--to suspect that Rand is a fraud?Season 5
Who is the leader of the commune/cult that Shawn and Gus stay at in 'The Tao of Gus?'Season 6
In 'Deez Nups,' what is the nickname of Lassiter's best friend?Season 7

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