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Forced Order
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French seaport where Napoleon became famous fighting off the British fleet
Event where Napoleon protected the Directory with 'a whiff of grapeshot'
Director who had appointed Napoleon to the defence of previous answer
1797 peace treaty with the Austrians, giving him the image of 'peacemaker'
Pays troops of the Army of Italy in gold rather than the worthless...
Newspaper he sets up to promote his first campaign
Name of the 1799 coup
Mastermind of that coup, later sidelined
Revolutionary promise to export the revolution
Constitution of Year VIII happened in which normal year
It gave what sort of suffrage?
What sort of voting system is election by tenths?
Body created as 'guardian of the consitution'
Body purged in 1802, abolished in 1808
Voting system later replaced by a system of what?
Church land sold in the revolution
32000 of what award given out by 1814?
Agreement with the pope 1801
.... Articles 1802 emphasise state control of chuch
New ... in 1806 serves to indoctrinate in schools and churches
What legal code was completed in 1804?
It brought .... before the .....
It brought freedom of:
It also confirmed the abolition of:
It introduced a work permit necessary for work, called a ....
1802 30 schools set up, called...
1808 teacher training college set up, called ...
Schools had to teach a centrally dictated...
Emphasis on which subject....
Children of officials recieved ... to get into the new schools
Institution granted monopoly on currency production in 1800
1812 saw maximum prices on what reintroduced?
Process Napoleon used to override the legislature and tribunate
Napoleon's Minister of Police (pronounced by Bryan Williams as faush)
Official bulletin of Napoleon's government, on which other journals had to rely
Large public votes on new consitutions
Napoleonic France was the first large scale ......ocracy
Post office room where letters were opened to be censored
Policy introduced in 1793 to build a larger army
Policy of mixing veteran troops and recruits
Military theorist whose tactics Napoleon used
High quality officers were brought by the ....isation of the officer corps
General who saved the battle of Marengo by arriving in time, dying on the same day
General who led famous cavalry charges at Jena and Elau
Weak Austrian general, defeated at Ulm
Prussia wants to have all the glory for beating Napoleon, so foolishly attacks by itself at which battle?
Napoleon's policy of economic warfare against Britain
This also helps France's industries, through the F..... f...... policy
Country that Napoleon has to annex in 1810 due to unrest about this blockade
Battle in Spain, first defeat of a French army during the empire (although it was not under Napoleon's command)
First treaty establishing a formal coalition, Feb 1813, between Prussia and Russia
1813 plan which says the Allies will hold off attacking Napoleon's army until the other two have arrived to help
Napoleon had been famous for forcing punitive treaties on his conquered enemies, like the Treaty of ... with Austria in 1805
Number of times Napoleon rejects peace, seeing it as a sign of weakness
Policy of looking for supporters in satellite states to help him run them
7 ... set up outside France for use by his supporters
Satellite states formed a b...... zone around France
Huge swathes of land in satellite states given to supporters
You could say Napoleon helped nationalism by introducing the concept of p..... sovereignty
Nationalist feeling resided primarily in the...- the populace on the whole didn't care
German whose lectures encouraged the development of a national community -'volk'

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