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Attribute of God meaning 'close'
Number of beautiful names of Allah
Never ending
Muslim holy book
Ritual washing before salah
State of cleanliness brought about by last answer
4 prayer positions (separate by commas)
Call to prayer
Personal Prayer
Prayer beads
Muslim name for mosque
Friday prayer (Salat-al-...........)
Friday sermon
Person who gives Friday sermon
Men clothed from knee to ......
State of mind for prayer
Teaching room in mosque
Room for preparing the dead
Mosque decorations
Pillar of Islam involving 2.5% alms
Teaching of the prophet
Direction of Makkah
Festival at the end of Fasting
Call to commence prayer once at the mosque
Judgement Day
Instinct of good and evil
Belief in separate body and soul
Bodies are made from...
The first man was called..
Angel of death
Fire Spirits
Chief fire spirit
Chief fire spirit would not bow down to...
2 angels of judgement (separate with commas)
Muslim word for accountability
State of waiting after death
God consiousness
Bad things happen because life is a .....
Law to punish bad deeds on Earth
Said as a person is dying
Funeral prayers: Salat al ...
Person goes straight to heaven if they died in ....
Buried facing...
Male corpses should be washed by ...
Females buried in how many sheets of cotton?
Muslims preferably buried without a...
God of all people
What Muslims say to show that God controls all action
Perfectly Good
State of purity humans are born in
What angels are made from
First man
First woman
First 2 people were thrown out of ...
Evil caused by people
Evil caused by nature
Zakat means...
Muslim word for angels
Angel who brings revelations to people
Muslims try to emulate...
5 daily prayers, promotes discipline and obedience
Pilgrimage, which promotes unity in Ummah and obedience
Awareness of right and wrong guided by Allah (English word)
The Qur'an is made up of 114 ....?
Qur'an is only holy when written in which language?
4 letters that follow Muhammed's name when written, for respect
All Powerful
A bad action
Ability to choose our own destinies (English word)
Attribute of God meaning 'unreachable'
Faith in action
Argument that everything must have a cause so God exists
Unity and supremacy of God
Act of denying the last answer
Muslim Community
Muslims believe apes and humans do not share a common ...
They believe Natural Selection is only a ...
Allah did not create humans in his ....
Muslims must protect the environment even during...
Testing on animals
Humans must treat animals with...
Someone who believes in a creator (English)
English word for people's role in Allah's world
Arabic Word for the above answer
Theory that comes from logic and reason
Theory that comes from observation
Latin for 'from nothing'- Muslims do not believe this
Something that happened to animals but not humans
Big explosion that Muslims believe Allah caused
Muslim word meaning permitted
Not permitted
CMBR, proof for origin of universe. What does it stand for?

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