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Forced Order
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Progressive conservatism of Churchill and his father
A policy of giving Ireland a degree of self-government
Volunteers sent in by Churchill to maintain order in Ireland
IRA member who signed the Anglo-Irish treaty in 1921, later assassinated
Cabinet position taken by Churchill in 1921
Treaty in 1920 that dealt with the Ottoman empire after WWI
Town at the entrance to the Dardanelles, where Churchill wanted to put up a fight to Mustapha Kemal in 1922
This turkish crisis brought the end of:
Churchill 'crosses the floor' in 1924 to stand as Conservative MP for which constituency?
Conservative prime minister who appoints Churchill Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1924
Policy of pegging the value of the pound to that of gold
Liberal economist who argued against the 'return to gold'
Leader of the miners' union in 1926
Commission set up by the prime minister to look into miners' pay
Newspaper set up by Churchill during the General Strike
Who urged the prime minister to tone down the newspaper?
Government policy that Churchill argued to continue in 1928, reducing expenditure on the military
Indian Nationalist leader who led a campaign of nonviolent protest
1935 act giving certain Indian provinces local governance, but Britain kept overall control
Indian region where there was a terrible famine in 1942-43
American Divorcee who Edward VIII wanted to marry
What Churchill argued for in the 1930s, in case of war with Germany
German unification with Austria in 1938
Area of Czechoslovakia where 3 million Germans where living
British policy in the 1930s of allowing concessions to Hitler
German city that was the place of the final meeting between Chamberlain and Hitler
1939 agreement between Germany and USSR to share Poland
Peer who declined the position of prime minister in 1940
Country where Churchill urged military action in 1940
Important resource which went to Germany through this country
Important trade artery in North Africa which had to be protected
Algerian Seaport where Britain sunk the French fleet
First attack by Japan against the United States
German commander of the Afrika Korps
British General who replaced Auchinleck in Africa
Decisive battle between the previous 2 commanders
Chief of Staff 1941-45
Churchill's strategy of attacking the 'soft underbelly of Europe'
Codename of the Allied attack on Normandy
Network of German defences on France's coast
German city which was decimated by Allied bombing in 1945
Deputy prime minister from 1942, becomes prime minister in 1945
1942 report into social insurance- key factor in Churchill's election defeat
Policy of USA supplying vital war materials to Britain
Agreement between USA and Britain in Newfoundland, August 1941
Churchill may have postponed a landing in France because of his memory of which 1915 campaign?
The USSR wanted the other allies to land to open up a second .... with Germany
1943 meeting where Roosevelt and Churchill set a date for the invasion of France
1945 meeting where the big three agreed to the breaking of Germany into occupation zones after its defeat
Forest where 4253 Poles were massacred in 1940
Agreement where Stalin and Churchill agreed on spheres of influence in postwar Europe
Leader of the Free French forces, had a difficult relationship with Churchill

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