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OC EpisodesOCEpisodes
Ryan Is Adopted By the CohensSeason One
Johnny gets hit by a carSeason Three
Seth smokes pot for the first timeSeason Three
Hailey leaves Jimmy for JapanSeason Two
The Bullit proposes to JulieSeason Four
Kirsten kisses CarterSeason Two
Marissa finds our her mom slept with LukeSeasone One
Taylor kisses Dean HessSeason Three
Julie and Neal go on a cruise to CaboSeason Three
Sandy is kissed by his ex girlfriendSeason Two
OC EpisodesOCEpisodes
Ryan & Taylor go to an alternate universeSeason Four
Julie and Jimmy get engagedSeason Three
Summer and Che free bunniesSeason Four
Marissa is killed in a car accidentSeason Three
Seth recites Summer's mermaid poemSeason One
Lindsey finds out Caleb is her dadSeason Two
Taylor visits Summer at BrownSeason Four
Ryan finds out Theresa had a babySeason Three
Caleb has a heart attack(first one)Season Two
Kirsten and Julie are pregnantSeason Four

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