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Can you name the first names shared by fictional characters with last names given?

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Last NamesFirst NamesSources
Bennet, Swann, Sanford
Gordon, Bucket, Pace
Marple, Porter, Jetson
Read, Bach, Carlson
Pucelle, Wilder, Girardi
Milton, Bailey, Jefferson
Buchanan, Werthan, Duke
Hill, Brown, Kramer
Earnshaw, Holly, Willows
Pevensie, Warne, Brady
Last NamesFirst NamesSources
Witting, Connor, (Jane) Smith
Cratchit, Wiley, Hartley
Flyte, Child, Sugarbaker
Ladislaw, Turner, Smith
Lapham, Elcott, Garcia
Barnes, Blues, Harper
Gale, Michaels, Zbornak
Snowe, Moderatz, Van Pelt
Marx, Lafferty, Nadler
Antony, Cohen, Greene

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