Supreme Court Decisions

Can you name the Supreme Court decisions by description?

DescriptionCase Name
The Court declared a New York state law to be unconstitutional because it provided for a prayer written by the Board to be used in the state's public schools
Schools can not be used for praying, but the study of religon could be part of the school curriculum
The Court declared unconstitutional an Alabama state law which provided for a 'silent reflection time' in schools
Prayers cannot be recited at public school graduation ceremonies
Allegheny County's Christmas display was declared unconstitutional because it included religious figures
Pautucket's Christmas display, featuring Santa, was ruled constitutionally acceptable
The Court upheld a school voucher system in Ohio that let parents choose to send their children to religious schools
The Court ruled that a picture of the Ten Commandments in a courthouse was unconstitutional
The Court ruled that a monument bearing the Ten commandments in the grounds of Texas' state capitol was constitutional
The Court declared unconstitutional part of the Federal Election Campaign Act that limited expenditure by presidential candidates
The Court upheld the banning of soft money
The Court ruled unconstitutional the sacking of a store clerk for hoping that Reagan died
The Court ruled that a law requiring permits for door to door salesmen was unconstitutional
The Court ruled that flag-burning was constitutionally allowed
The Court declared a law banning flag desecration unconstitutional
The Court struck down a law that made it a crime to allow minors to view indecent material on the internet
The Court struck down a law that banned selling or posessing images that appeared to be of minors doing things they shouldn't be
The Court upheld the right of a paper to publish secret documents
The Court declared the Gun Free School Zones Act unconstitutional
The Court declared unconstitutional a law banning the ownership of handguns
DescriptionCase Name
The Court declared that searches on a bus weren't unconstitutional
The Court upheld a programme of compulsory drug tests for people who wanted to join after school clubswanted
The Court guaranteed the rights of arrested persons to legal representation
The Court ruled that you had the right to be reminded of the 5th Amendment when being arrested
The Court upheld the previous decision
The Court decided that the way the death penalty was carried out was unconstitutional. It resulted in the widespread use of the lethal injection.
The Court ruled that the death sentence should be imposed by juries, not judges.
The Court ruled that you couldn't execute 'mentally retarded criminals'.
The Court ruled that you couldn't execute anyone for a crime they committed when they were less than 18
The Court ruled execution by lethal injection constitutional.
The Court ruled segregation in education unconstitutional
The ruling led to an introduction of school bussing programmes to provide racially mixed schools in all areas
The Court struck down an affirmative action programme involving road workers
The Court struck down an affirmative action programme at a university for being too 'mechanistic'
The Court allowed a more individualised affirmative action admissions procedure
The Court ruled it unconstitutional to assign students to schools based solely on race
The Court gave women the right to have an abortion
The Court upheld a state law forbidding the involvement of public employees in abortion
The Court upheld a state law that required counselling before abortion, but struck down the spouse notification requirement.
The Court upheld the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act

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