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The giant boulder that chases the main character in this movie was actually made of fiberglass1981
Actress Hilary Swank was only paid $3000 for her Academy Award winning role in this movie1999
The prosthetics were so convincing for this horror film, that when actress Jennifer Lim put on her fake bloody eye, she began to cry 2005
The lead dog in this musical movie was reportedly paid $125 per week 1939
By mid 2002, the famous 'Bullet Time' sequence had been spoofed in over 20 different movies1999
The 'ocean' that extras plunged into was actually only 3 feet deep1997
According to reports, actor Heath Ledger almost broke Jake Gyllenhaal's nose when filming their famous kissing scene2005
Although not visible on camera, many hundreds of onlookers watched during the filming of the famous 'window shopping' opening scene of this film1961
Director, David Fincher, claims that a Starbucks coffee cup is visible in every shot of this movie1999
One of the things that inspired this movie was when writer and director, Paul Haggis, was carjacked himself 2005
The famous park bench that is used throughout this film can now be found in the Savannah History Museum 1994
Sofia Coppola, writer and director of the film, supposedly left several hundred messages on Bill Murray's voicemail before he returned any of her calls2003
The word 'f**k' is used over 265 times in this Quentin Tarantino film1994
Each frame of this film took 47 man-hours to complete2009
The presence of oranges in this film was used to indicate that a death-related event was soon to occur 1972
Over the course of filming this movie, lead actor Russell Crowe broke his hip, both bicep tendons, and multiple bones in his foot 2000
There is an actual mental disorder that is named after this movie where a person believes that they're actually a star of their own reality television show 1998
An actual rotating hotel hallway was built for the zero-gravity fight sequence of this film2010
The blood used in the famous shower scene of this film was actually chocolate syrup 1960
The hamburger phone used in the beginning of this movie was actually owned by writer Diablo Cody 2007

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