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Can you name European cities that are closer to another country's capital than their own?

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Closest capitalCity namePopulation
Helsinki (306 km)5,131,967
Andorra la Vella (136 km)1,602,386
Vaduz (192 km)1,493,900
Vaduz (187 km)1,336,364
Tbilisi (732 km)1,089,851
Astana (1107 km)1,062,300
Luxembourg (143 km)1,034,175
Tbilisi (787 km)1,021,244
Chisinau (155 km)1,003,705
Monaco (148 km)897,265
Closest capitalCity namePopulation
Monaco (168 km)852,516
Warsaw (341 km)760,026
Tbilisi (596 km)744,995
Luxembourg (195 km)709,395
Lisbon (313 km)696,676
Valletta (267 km)676,118
Andorra la Vella (220 km)666,058
Prague (213 km)632,432
Vaduz (183 km)604,297
Dublin (303 km)596,550

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