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Can you name the TV character who died by the description of their death?

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Manner of deathCharacterTV show
Stabbed to death at his uncle's weddingGame of Thrones
Shot in the woods for being an FBI informantThe Sopranos
Head slammed into a painting by her uncleTwin Peaks
Poisoned from licking too many cheap envelopesSeinfeld
Committed suicide in the first episode, yet continued to narrate the showDesperate Housewives
Shot in the courtroom by his own clientThe Good Wife
Shot to death by a crazed colonel (if indeed it was him and not a double)Sliders
Complications during childbirthDownton Abbey
Crushed by a helicopterER
Shot in the head by a young boy at a convenience storeThe Wire
Manner of deathCharacterTV show
Drowned after falling through cracked iceFargo
Sacrificed himself to fly a nuclear bomb into the desert and out of harm's way24
Died of a heart attack right before the final season, apparentlyRoseanne
Internal hemorrhaging from having ground up glass placed in his foodOz
Deadly combination of flu medication and a bus crashHouse
Shot by several T-shirt cannonsThe Simpsons
(Persumably) poisoned by ricin placed in a sweetener packetBreaking Bad
Brain hemorrhageSix Feet Under
Drowns inside a flooded water pipePrison Break
Various methods, though it rarely sticksSouth Park

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