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The answer to every question in this quiz is either Jerry (j), George (g), Elaine (e) or Kramer (k).

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Who had never spent the night at Jerry's apartment?
Whose father never appeared on the show?
Who graduated from Tufts University?
Who was the first to be eliminated from the Contest?
Who was the second to be eliminated from the Contest?
Who was declared as the winner in the Contest?
Who actually won the Contest?
Who does Janet look like?
Which one doesn't have a known cousin?
Who had the top score at Frogger?
Who ordered turkey chili from the Soup Nazi?
Who didn't appear in 'The Chinese Restaurant'?
Who is a high school equivalency program graduate?
Who didn't go to the Rangers/Devils playoff game?
Who likes using a lot of exclamation points?
Who dated Tia?
Who never got to see 'Rochelle Rochelle''?
Whose father wears sneakers in the pool?
Who's a Baltimore Orioles fan?
Who goes by the alias Kel Varnsen?
Who doesn't like Pesto?
Who owns a dog in the pilot episode?
Who didn't join the volunteer program for the elderly?
Who once told a woman that he doesn't eat cake because it goes right to his thighs?
Who once told a woman that he coined the phrase 'Pardon my French'?
Who dated a woman who apparently wore the same outfit every day?
Who is the only one who was seen riding Jerry's bicycle?
Who's killing independent George?
Who had dated, on separate occasions, two devout Christians?
Who was once arrested for bootlegging movies?
Who was the last one to arrive to Festivus dinner at the Constanzas'?
Who was upgraded to first class on a flight from St. Louis?
Who served briefly in the army?
Who likes Morning Thunder tea, oblivious to the fact that it contains caffeine?
Whose favorite explorer is Magellan?
Who has a known gambling problem?
Who once had a cartoon published in the New Yorker?
Who came up with the plan for the Switch?
Who never dated the same person in two different episodes?
Who once dated a woman played by Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn?
Whose father is an author?
Who didn't visit the apartment for sale in 'The Puerto Rican Day'?
Who pretended to be Elaine's boyfriend in 'The Watch'?
Who pretended to be Elaine's boyfriend in 'The Junior Mint'?
Who pretended to be Elaine's fiancé in 'The Nose Job'?
Who is afraid of clowns?
Who is renowned for their remarkable hearing?
Who made a lot of money from a company called Sendrax?
Who is the only character who appeared in every single Seinfeld episode?

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