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Forced Order
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Who is the main character?
Who is his mother?
What is her job?
What is Scott's fathers name?
What is his job?
What is Scott?
Who turned him?
What did he lose in the woods?
What was he looking for when he was bit?
Who's dead body was it?
Who is her sister?
And brother?
What is Derek Hale?
How was he turned?
Who's his mother?
How did the Hale family die?
Who burnt down their house?
Who killed Kate?
Who is Kate's father?
Who is his son?
Who is he married to?
Who is their daughter?
How did she die?
What is the Argent profession?
What does 'Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent'
Who's motto is it?
Who changed that motto?
What is her new motto?
Who did she date in season one and two?
Who did she date in season three?
What is Isaac?
Who turned him?
Who is the other boy beta that Derek turned?
What is his first name?
Where did he work?
Who was the other beta that Derek turned?
What disease did she have before she was turned?
Who did Erica say would make a good batman?
Who is Stiles father?
Where is Mr. Stilinski the sheriff for?
What gives it that name?
What gave the beacon it's power?
What evil force did the sacrifices?
Which means?
And is a corruption of what kind of person?
Which means?
Who was the Darach?
What was her real name?
What was her job in Beacon Hills?
Who did she try to strangle?
What is she?
Who turned her?
Who killed him?
What is an alpha?
What is a omega?
Who resurrected Peter?
Who else in her family knew about banshee's?
What banshee did her grandmother know?
What was she in season 4?
Who told her to make the dead pool?
Where was she held?
Who else was in Eichen House?
Who does he meet there?
What is her last name?
Who's her father?
What is she?
What is her mother called?
What family is looking for her?
What possessed Stiles?
'What gets bigger the more you take away?'
'What gets wetter the more it dries?'
'When is a door not a door?'
'Everyone has it, but no one can lose it. What is it?'
What creatures did Noshiko Yukimura control?
Who's mother is she?
What is she?
Who is she dating in season 4?
What sport does he play?
Who is the lacrosse coach?
What player does he always pick one?
What is his jersey number?
What is stiles jersey number?
What is his most prized possession?
What color is his jeep?
What color do a werewolves eyes turn when they've killed an innocent?
What color is an alpha's eyes?
What is level of werewolf is Scott?
What kind of alpha?
What has a true alpha never done?
Who is Scott's first beta?
Where does Scott work?
Who's his boss?
Who's his sister?
What is her job?
What is the new pack in season 3 called?
Who is the leader?
How many alphas are in the pack?
Who is the girl alpha?
What are the twins names?
Who is the last boy alpha?
Which Argent did Deucalion turn?
Which beta did the alpha pack kill?
Who fought Deucalion before season 3?
What is the book called where they keep supernatural info?
What language is it written in?
Who translated it?
Who did Lydia date on season 1?
What was he?
Who was his controller?
Who turned Jackson?
What did he turn into after the kanima?
Who was his best friend?
What did he get arrested for when he was younger?
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