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Can you name the Pranks that Jim Pulls?

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Encases Dwight's stapler with thisPilot
Builds a fence between Jim and Dwight's desk with thesePilot
Locked Dwight in the ________ room which was his'workspace' for the day. Health Care
Tricks Dwight into dying his hair this color.The Alliance
Convinces Dwight to buy one of these from KatyHot Girl
Moves Dwight's desk into this roomThe Fight
Popped Dwights'________ ___'.Performance Review
Told Dwight that his BBQ was a surprise party for whoEmail surveillance
Puts all of Dwight's desk items into this.Booze Cruise
In an interview, Jim tries to make Dwight think he smoked thisDrug Testing
Pays every employee $5 to call Dwight thisConflict Resolution
Put _______ in Dwight's phone slowly, then romoved them all at once to make Dwight smack himselfConflict Resolution
Created a security badge for Dwight saying that he was this Conflict Resolution
Told Dwight he was 'good' at Wheel Of Fourtune because he usedCasino Night
In poker, Jim _______ and Dwight folds because he thinks this is Jim's tell that he has a good handCasino Night
Convinced Dwight that a 'Gaydar' was a real device sold by this companyGay Witch Hunt
Sent faxes to Dwight using his own stationary saying that he was thisBranch Closing
Slapped Dwight in the face because he said that 7 out of 10 attacks are from the__________Traveling Salesmen
Slammed on the brake when Dwight sits in the backseat because he said it was the ___________ part of the carTraveling Saleman
Hides Andy's phone in the _______ and calls it to bother himThe Return
Jim convinces Dwight that he is transforming into aBusiness School
Dresses up as Dwight and asks 'Which _____ __ ____?'Product Recall
By sending IMs to Dwight he convinces him that the _______ has become self-awareLaunch Party
Wrapped Dwights desk, chair, and computer in thisMoroccan Christmas
Dwight plants a recording device in a ________ which Jim finds and uses to prank Dwight.The Lover
Communicates with Pam using Morse code and tricks Dwight into thinking there was this in the office.The Cover-up

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