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Can you name the IMDB's Top Movies By Genre ?

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Clint Eastwood  
Elijah Wood  
Elijah Wood  
Harrison Ford 
Viggo Mortensen  
Peter O'Toole  
Humphery Bogart  
Steve McQueen  
Harrison Ford  
Judy Garland 
Tom Hanks  
Ben Burtt  
Hayao Miyazaki 
Ed Asner  
Yoji Matsuda/Billy Crudup 
Matthew Broderick  
Tim Allen  
Ellen DeGeneres 
Patton Oswalt  
Craig T. Nelson  
Harrison Ford 
Mark Hamill  
Keanu Reeves 
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Sigourney Weaver  
Malcolm McDowell  
Sigourney Weaver  
Michael J. Fox  
Keir Dullea  
Mark Hamill 
Robert De Niro  
Hilary Swank  
Mickey Rourke  
Sylvester Stallone  
Russell Crowe  
Gary Cooper  
Kevin Costner  
Sandra Bullock  
Denzel Washington 
Elijah Wood 
Edward Norton  
James Stewart  
Anthony Perkins  
Jodie Foster  
Brad Pitt  
Guy Pearce  
Cary Grant  
Fred MacMurray  
Peter Lorre 
Robert De Niro  
Liam Neeson  
Humphery Bogart  
Martin Sheen 
Kirk Douglas  
Tom Hanks 
Adrien Brody 
Charlie Chaplin  
Alec Guinness  
Buster Keaton  
Matthew Modine 

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