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Ash Ketchum's signature pokemon
Tallest Fire-type sta
Gras-type used by Pokemon trainer in Smash bros.
Pokemon Blue game mascot
Misty's last caught pokemon
Where is located Erika's gym?
Episode number where Ash captured his Muk?
9th most common type
Haunter evolves into Gengar when...
The first Pokémon to ever change typing
Johto pokemon professor
the only female Steel-type expert
Eevee's dark evolution
Allows the player to catch wild Pokémon; works better while fishing
A self-cure for freezing
What pokemon inhabits the Ruins of Alph?
Known as the Light Pokémon
Number of new pokemon introduced in Gen 2?
How many baby pokemon?
Gym leader Clair gives away the ____________ badge
What is Miltank's signature move?
How many cat inspired pokemon?
Nosepass is the signature pokemon of...
Name all generation 2 fighting-type pokemon
Who is the leader of Team Magma?
Pokedex entry: It can freeze vapors in the air instantly.
She specializes in Pokémon with high Speed
4th ribbon obtained by May in the Hoenn region:
Randomly selects a move and fully executes the attack.
Super-effective against ghost
Ghost Elite Four
Battle Dome Symbol
Clamperl + Deep Sea Scale
The Weather Institute pokemon
Days between Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions and Pokémon Platinum Version
Snowpoint Gym type
Sinnoh Grand Festival Winner
A secret detective and a thief collide over an amazing energy source
'Did the fantastic speed leave you dizzy?'
Purple furfrou
Distributed via the Nintendo Network from July 8 to 31, 2014.
Second Water-type Unova Gym Leader
Shade Jungle Totem Pokemon
Inflict poison on any Pokémon regardless of type
Akala Island's guardian deity.
Electric-type Ultra beast

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