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Can you name the fruits from their anagrams and hints?

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plepaToo common for a clue
reapTWO common for a clue
gonamwhat you say when you want a guy to run
monelthe first of two possibilities
garond fiturflamin' fruit this is hard
gobosererywhat the swan has when he goes to his friends house for dinner
bertswarrynot so nice if you eat it literally!
cranurlabuckWhat you get in the sea but darker
nelmothe second of two possibilities
ganeroToo common for a clue
rinecentaThe first part gets at my throat
fispsaniorutthe fruit with the nicest feelings
toamotIs it a fruit? - Yes it is!
ligu fiturI know it's a piece fo fruit but there is no need to insult it!
remelnowetaMr. mango goes up to his friend and says would like some -----,-----
cheapThe fruit with fur
lumpNot as bad as it's anagram

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