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frollgubMale Cow + Amphibian =
roameddry melac♪Alice the camel has 1 hump♪
palcaaNumber 20.'s cousin
butletfryWhat you say when you want your margarine to levitate
nepuginDo you have Happy Feet?
ticcra oxfThe cute white furry one
qiluaLittle Eggs
ealfQuick! Run away!
trashmeWhat your doing when you put meat in a bowl and mixing it with a spoon!
copierpunSpiky Pork Pie
headresttalk iconprosVery nasty sting
ergitAlmost Winnie the Pooh's friend
mantrapigCoo! That's a hard one!
cabarypaLargest Rodent
parniterBowling over little turtles
clabk ammabSnake Usain Bolt
reyg lowfBlack Fox
gonepiFlown into your window yet?
ageinu igpNot the sort with a pink curly tail
neyho ebeBZZZZ
ribd fo airedsapBlissful Bird
ratmomYou almost love them or hate them
batribNot quite a hare
kenomyTake away the k and your rich!
hagswokGosh awkward situation!
dalb ageelThe Bird with no hair!
aldermanasSell a man duh!
owns pedalor
arlop arebIs it cold out there?
pawsThat's gonna sting!
abobnoSheep Treasure
malalLlets go!
dinani heaplent
bracedripsWalk sideways to your web
ternohA Small Horn (ish)

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