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Can you name the Wicked Characters (Books 1 - 4)?

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Wicked Witch of the West
Wicked Witch of the East
Witch's Roommate
Witch's Lover (Winkie)
Witch's Son
Witch's Granddaughter
Munchkinland Leader's 'child'
Cowardly Lion
Flying Monkey
Witch's Caretaker
Clock of the Time Dragon's Keeper
Witch's Mother
Witch's Father
Witch's Teacher
Witch's Headmistress
Second Major Leader of Oz
Quadling friend of Witch's Parents'
Munchkin with a Crush
Headmistress' Tiktok Assistant
Kansian's Pet
Winkie's Wife
Winkie's Wife's First Child
Winkie's Wife's Second Child
Winkie's Wife's Third Child
Roommate's Caretaker
Margreve of Tenmeadows
Mysterious Maunt
Witch's Brother
Witch's Son's Wife
Witch's Son's Lover
Leader of the Gale Force
Witch's Roommate's Husband
Scrow Princess
Scrow Translator
Deposed Leader of Oz
Cloister Maunt Leader One
Cloister Maunt Leader Two
Mayor of Southstairs
Leader of Conference of the Birds (Eagle)
Eagle's Second in Command (Wren)
Witch's Son's Familiar
Cowardly Lion's cat
Ivory Tigress
Lion's First 'Friend'
Lion's Second 'Friend' (Bear)
Queen of the Bears
Monkey Professor
Final leader of Munchkinland
Troll leader of Glikkus
Witch's Granddaughter's Pet
St Prowds Maid
St Prowds Headmistress
Ghosts of Oz

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