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Can you name the last names of people who are better known by their first names?

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First NameLast Name(s)Famous As
ArthurPossibly legendary British leader of the 5th or 6th century.
AurobindoIndian nationalist, poet, yogi, and guru.
BashōJapanese poet of the Edo period.
BeckAmerican alternative rock artist.
BeyoncéAmerican R&B artist.
BjörkIcelandic recording artist.
ChinmoyIndian spiritual teacher, poet, artist, and athlete of the 20th century.
DanteItalian poet of the 13th-14th century; author of the Divine Comedy.
ElvisThe King of Rock and Roll.
FabioItalian male model.
GiaAmerican supermodel and prominent AIDS victim.
HideyoshiJapanese daimyo and political unifier of the Sengoku period.
JosquinFranco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance.
First NameLast Name(s)Famous As
LeonardoFamous polymath of the Italian Renaissance.
MichelangeloFamous artist of the Italian Renaissance.
OprahAmerican media mogul.
PramoedyaIndonesian writer of the 20th century.
PrinceAmerican recording artist.
Raphael/RafaelloPainter of the Italian Renaissance.
RembrandtDutch Baroque painter and etcher.
SealEnglish R&B artist.
SelenaMexican-American singer-songwriter.
TupacAmerican hip-hop artist.
TyreseAmerican R&B artist.
UsherAmerican R&B artist.

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