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Sideways letter Z
Twenty-second letter of the alphabet
Comes directly before C
Fill in the blank: _angaroos live in Australia.
Seventh letter of the alphabet
Fill in the blank: Geese _-ing!
Comes directly before I
Fill in the blank: _airs are like festivals.
(Most) Always requires a U after
First letter of the alphabet
Math definition: Exactly one right angle. That is the whole letter.
After L, and before N
Sixteenth letter of the alphabet
Sounds like: Tea
Upside-down M
Sounds like: You
After D, before F
Comes directly after H
Tenth letter of the alphabet
Fourth letter of the alphabet
Sounds like: Why
Last letter of the alphabet
A P, but with an extra line.
Fill in the blank: _ars are automobiles.
Nineteenth letter of the alphabet

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