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Can you name the Early Marriage Customs of the Romans?

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After how many years was the concept of divorce introduced?
Who was allowed to marry via confarreatio?
What is the legal term for the bride's passing 'under her husband's authority'?
Who married via usus, and was it legal?
What did usus not involve?
What is the defining element of coemptio?
What is the term describing the right of intermarriage with patricians?
Who offered exemption from manus after the birth of three children?
Who eliminated manus from the confarreate ceremony?
Children born to a family with mixed social backgrounds would take the legal standing of which parent?
Name three days that were unlucky to get married on.
What did the bride dedicate to the lares of her house the eve of her wedding?
What is the latin name for a bride's wedding dress?
After which group of priests was the bride's hair fashioned?
In a confarreate ceremony, who were the bride and groom brough together by?
On the way to her new husband's house, what did the bride drop at specific places and intervals?

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