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QUIZ: Can you name the Gods?

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What does Aphrodite's name mean?
Which islands were sacred to Aphrodite?
Who/what was Aphrodite's: husband, tree, main bird?
Where did Hermes have wings?
Who was the 'Master Thief'?
What did Hermes give Apollo to win his forgiveness?
Who is Ares' sister and her son?
Which animal was wronged by being chosen as Ares' familiar?
What did the Romans blame volcanic eruptions on?
The public _______ was sacred to Hestia.
What is Cupid's name in Greek?
Who was the Goddess of Youth?
Who were the Graces (Greek names) in alphabetical order?
Who was the Muse of tragedy?
What were water nymphs in charge of brooks, streams, and fountains called?

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