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Can you name the Back and Upper Limb Muscle Movements?

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Elevation of scapula
Protraction of scapula
Retraction of scapula
Rotation of scapula
Depression of scapula
Extension of vertebral column and head
Ipsilateral flexion of vertebral column
Lateral flexion of head and neck
Ipsilateral rotation of head and neck
Extension of head and neck
Contralateral rotation of head
Elevation of ribs
Steadies clavicle
Rotation of glenoid cavity upwards
Rotation of glenoid cavity downwards
Medial rotation of shoulder
Extension of arm
Lateral rotation of arm
Medial rotation of arm
Adduction of arm
Abduction of arm
Flexion of arm
Pronation of forearm
Supination of forearm
Flexion of forearm
Extension of forearm
Abduction of wrist
Adduction of wrist
Extension of wrist
Flexion of wrist
Tension of palmar aponeurosis
Pronation of hand
Opposition of thumb
Adduction of thumb
Abduction of thumb at CMC
Abduction of thumb
Extension of thumb at MCP
Extension of thumb at IP, MCP, and CMC
Flexion of thumb
Medial rotation of thumb
Abduction of little finger
Extension of little finger
Flexion of little finger at MCP
Flexion of 5th metacarpal
Lateral rotation of 5th metacarpal
Flexion of MCP
Extension of IP
Abduction of fingers
Adduction of fingers
Extension of fingers at PIP/DIP
Extension of index
Flexion of fingers at MIP/PIP

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