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Can you name the Guess the words with and with out a T?

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guess without a 'T'answerguess adding a 'T'
a contest of speedto copy by following lines on original drawing
to teara vacation
short greetingtypical way to get on base
that malecommon article of speech
human digitan open handbag
beneath a windowmotionless
male's name or beam of lightused in a cafeteria
in this placein that place
water fell from skyacquired skills through practice
guess without a 'T'answerguess adding a 'T'
automobilesmall vehicle pushed or pulled by hand
at a reduced pricenot fresh
to become a member of a club elbow or knee
line provided offstageattractive in a childlike way
order given to a dogcelestial body
open skin lesionsstocks or supplies
one who pretends to be something they are notprinted piece of paper hung on a wall
musical instrument that is blownprickle
goes under waterproduces odor

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