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What Kind of farm does jason own?
Where in the world is this farm? (city, state)
What is Jason's biggest hit thus far in his career?
How high has this song peaked on the billboard charts
On which show did jason perform on the finale of on May 20, 2009?
Where did he attend college for a few years?
Who did he meet here that goes on tour with him?
What state is this college located?
Where did he meet Toca Rivera?
Where did Jason go to middle school?
How tall is Jason?
What state did he attend high school?
What was the name of the school?
What nationality is Jason?
What does his last name mean in his native language?
Where did he meet Tristan Prettyman?
In what year did they break up?
Does Jason speak fluent spanish?
Which of his songs is features in a commercial for Hilton Hotels?
How many movie soundtracks has Jason been featured in?
Which song from Mr. A-Z is spelled wrong on the back of the CD? this song ironically talks about spell check in it...
What year was Mr. A-Z released?
What is Bushwalla's real name
What is Toca's real name?
Who is singing with Jason in Details in the Fabric?

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