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What Kind Of Diet Is Jason On
When he's not performing, name one of the things Jason does for fun
Does Jason prever cats or dogs?
What name is Jason called when he sings with Bushwalla in 'Creatures In the Yard'?
What job is Jason banned from working at because he slept in too late every morning?
What movie was Jason watching on a plane, that made him cry?
Jason wrote the Remedy for a friend of his with a disease, what disease did he have?
The Grammys are on tonight, how many, if any, is Jason nominated for?
Which On of these does Jason and Bushwalla NOT play:iLike, Two Truths and a Lie, Random Topic, Say Anything,We sing, We dance, We rap
Which one of these people has Jason NOT toured with: Dave Matthews, Jewel, Rolling Stones, Michael Franti
What soundtrack is 'Kicking with you' from?
Has Jason donated any money to help the people in Haiti?
How old was Jason when he started playing guitar?
In how many songs does Jason sing in Spanish?
What words does Jason use to describe I'm Yours?
On What date was Jason Mraz's beautiful mess filmed on?
Which one of these artists has Jason never recorded a duet with: Colbie Cailat, Bushwalla,Raining Jane, Two Sot Gobi, Jewel
What TV show inspired Jason to write The Beauty in Ugly?
What is Mr. Curiosity about?
What does Jason constantly say is bad for the environment
Is Man Gave Names To All The Animals one of Jason's original songs, or a cover?
What kind of animal lives around Jason's house?

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