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Can you name the Fictional Items from Marvel Universe?

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The artifact that gave his power to Juggernaut
The sword of Black Knight(s)
The cube that can control matter and energy
The rare mineral that can alter the Inhuman body
The formula that created Captain America
Beta Ray Bill's hammer
The things that used by Ant-man to increase and decrease
The serum that can slow down the aging progress
The metal that had used to create to Thor's hammer by dwarves
Sword of Illyana Rasputin aka Magik
The only blade that can kill Wolverine
The suit that created by Iron Man for confrontations with Hulk
The thing that covers Wolverine's skeleton
The glove that can give absolute power to its wearer
Thor's hammer
The metal that can be found only in Wakanda
The artifact that used by Dr Strange to see 'everything'
The machine that used for finding mutants

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