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Which receptors do Butyrophenones (Haloperiodol) bind to? a) D1 b) D1 and D2 c) D2 d) D3 and D4 (Schiz)
What is the most effective Atypical neuroleptic for Schizophrenia? a) Chlozapine b) Chlorpromazine c) Reserpine d) Galantamine
Which of the following best represent positive schizophrenia symptoms? a) Inappropriate affect b) Bizarre delusions c) Catatonia d) Incoherent thought
Which of the following aleviate schizophrenic symptoms by binding to dopamine receptors and increasing dopamine metabolites? a) Chlorpromazine b) Cocaine c) Haloperiodol d) L- Dopa
How was the dopamine theory seen in drugs? a) Cocaine's D increase causing Schiz episodes b) D antagonists reducing -ve symptoms c) Schiz treatment bring on Parkinson's d) A and C
Which of the following are NOT involved in Alzheimer's? a) Amlyloid plaques b) Neurofibrillary tangles c) 60% genetic component d) Substantial neuron loss
What does the current most successful Alzheimer's treatment focus on? a) Cholinergic agonists b) Dopamine antagonists c) A and B d) Amyloid vaccines
Which of the following are true about APP? a) It generates beta amyloid b) its mutation is associated with early onset of Alz c) makes protein that carries cholesterol d) A and B
What is the main drug type used for Alzheimer's treatment today? a) Cholinesterase inhibitors b) Dopamine agonists c) Dopamine antagonists d) Amyloid agonists
What did the transgenic mouse model show for Alz? a) mice developed amyloid plaques b) mice didn't develop neurofibrillary tangles c) small degree of memory impairment d) all above
The telencephalon contains which structure/s? a) Thalamus b) Cerebellum c) Basal Ganglia d) Medulla
What is true about Gray matter cells? They contain a) 2 afferent dorsal arms, 2 efferent ventral arms b) 2 efferent ventral and dorsal arms c) 2 afferent ventral and dorsal arms d) 2 efferent dorsal arms and 2 afferent ventral arms
QuestionAnswerWords not fitting in question
Which of the following are false about the Hypothalamus? a) Has a role in motivation b) Regulates hormonal levels via pituitary gland c) Connects cortex and Basal Ganglia/Cerebell d) Involved in survival functions - stress, sleep
Which fissure separates the Parietal and Frontal lobes? a) Lateral b) Postcentral gyri c) Central d) Longitudinal
What is Broca's area involved in? a) encoding of episodic LTM b) written and spoken speech c) maintaining information learnt in STM d) voluntary motor responses
What is true about both Dorsolateral and Ventromedial tracts? a) They control distal muscles b) They control proximal muscles c) They contain an indirect corticospinal routed) They contain an indirect brainstem nuclei route
Which of the following is false about the Posterior parietal association cortex? a) Lesions result in sensorimotor deficits b) Receives input from visual, auditory and somatosensory systems c) Output goes to motor cortex and frontal eye field d) Initiates voluntary movement to external stimuli
What is released by motor neurons at neuro-muscular junctions? a) Dopamine molecules b) ATPase c) Acetylcholine d) Calcium ions
What best describes isometric muscle movement? a) Tension which pulls bones together b) Tension not pulling bones together c) Joint extension d) Joint bending
What is reciprocal innervation? a) Innervation of antagonistic muscles b) Innervation of agnostic muscles c) Relaxing of one muscle making another relax d) Contracting a muscle, making another muscle contract
Which of the following is false about the sensory evoked potential? a) It is recorded by EEG b) It is often masked by background 'noise' c) Signal averaging improves ability to det..ect the signal d) The signal is best detected during sleep
Which scan type gives structural and functional information of an image? a) PET b) fMRI c) Contrast X-Rays d) MRI
Which of the following is not a type of lesion? a) Aspiration b) Radio-frequency c) Bilateral d) Cryogenic

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