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Also known as Phlegm
Owner of the Elder Wand before Albus Dumbledore
Name of the potion Harry received in his sixth year by Prof. Slughorn
Creature who lived inside the Chamber of Secrets
Lord Voldemort's Grand-father
Type of the Dragon Nobert
Name of the sweetshop in Hogsmeade
Ghost of the Slytherin House
The owner of the Philosopher's Stone
Spell used in Disarming
Form of Hermione's patronuses
The sweet which burns a hole through your tounge
Bellatrix Lestrange's and Narcissa Malfoy's other sister
Creatures which guard Azkaban
The Half Blood Prince
Name of the Acromantula which lived in the forest
Muugle Studies teacher at Hogwarts before Harry's seventh year
Second eldest in the Weasley family (child)
Driver of the Knight Bus
Counter-curse of Alohomora

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