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The band's original name.
The band's rise in popularity came as a result of their performances at these bay area countercultural events.
These events were largely orchestrated by this famous author.
Enigmatic character for which the songs 'The Other One' and 'Cassidy' were based.
Arguably one of their worst performances, this concert was plagued by rain and mild electrocution.
Mandolin master that performed on Ripple & Friend of the Devil.
Jerry Garcia bluegrass side project with this individual.
Notorious 1969 concert that the band headlined but chose not to play.
Workingman's Dead song about this event.
Crosby, Stills & Nash song in which Jerry Garcia is credited with playing the pedal steel guitar.
Song that was allegedly the last straw in the Robert Hunter/Bob Weir songwriting partnership.
Line in the song that caused the controversy.
1970 railroad tour featuring Janis Joplin, among others.
Song written for band manager Lenny Hart, who had fled the country after robbing the dead.
Famous 1973 concert that the band headlined and played...for 600,000 people.
One of the other two bands that headlined this concert.
The other one.
Ancient wonder that hosted the Grateful Dead a 1978 run.
Song featured in the 2nd set of a 6/12/80 show in Portland, OR, approximately the same time Mount St Helens had a secondary eruption.
Among the tallest and most high profile of the deadheads, this 7 footer is an NBA Hall of Famer.
During 2009 visit to the White House, Phil Lesh noticed this flower prominently displayed.
This skyscraper donned tie-dye in November of 2009 in preparation for an upcoming GD exhibition.

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