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Can you name the ABC's of Medical School- Year 1?

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DescriptionMedical ConceptLetter
Antifungal category that blocks Squalene EpoxidaseA
Polyoma virus that frequently compromises Kidney TransplantsB
Norovirus is found in this familyC
Largest Intestinal TapewormD
Disease of extreme edema, lymph node damageE
Fungal etiology of Pityriasis Versicolor. Malasezzia ____F
Type II Hypersensitivty disease against Collagen IV in the basement membraneG
Imperfect Hepatitis virus, relies on Hepatitis B for infectionH
Stain used to detect CryptococcusI
New species name for the AIDS defining illness Pneumocystis ___J
Disease of the intima leading to vasculitis of medium sized arteries, especially coronary arteriesK
Protozoan Disease with sandfly vectorL
Koplik spots are pathognomonic of this disease.M
DescriptionMedical ConceptLetter
Cleaves Sialic Residue to release Influenza VirusN
Parasite which causes River BlindnessO
Viral agent that causes fifth diseaseP
Drug used to prevent Heme polymerizationQ
Bullet-shaped, negative strand RNA virusR
Drug containing Antimony and inhibits RNA/DNA functionS
Rubella is a member of this viral familyT
The common cold is a classic example of this acronymU
Herpes virus that remains dormant in Dorsal Root Ganglia (2 wds)V
Trichuria Trichurasis is also known as...W
A genetic defect in BTK results in this disease with no mature B-Cells.X
Disease caused by a Flavivirus in Central American and AfricaY
The worst opportunistic fungal infection, found in diabeticsZ

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