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Eg. Parks, cemetery, golf course7% of Land Use
Eg. Factories, warehouses, ribbon industries6% of Land Use
Eg. Schools, hospitals, government offices, places of worship10% of Land Use
Often found in suburban areas, they contain 5-10 stores (general, low-orders). They also contain small parking areas with some services such as a bank, hardware stores, supermarket
refers to single family houses such as semi-detached or duplexes. There are typically less than 30 per hectare and 75 people per hectare.
Eg. Vehicles, roads, highways, bikes, motorbikes, paths, sidewalks, train, subway and bus stations32% of Land Use
refers to townhouses or low-rise apartments with no more than 5 stories. There are 30-100 residential units per hectare and 75-250 people.
refer to large chains typically which offer a huge variety of merchandise on one topic while requiring large amounts of space. Sometimes they can act as department stores.
refers to high rise apartments which can accommodate far more people (250+ per hectare).
Malls with large department stores with larger specialized stores for a high threshold population
Eg. Retail businesses, wholesale buying and selling, financial establishments5% of Land Use
Eg. Single-family houses, town houses, apartment buildings, condos, duplexes, semi-detached homes40% of Land Use
provide low-order commodities and services for a very small population. They might carry food, milk or a local pharmacy.
Small malls for the community with anchor stores (department) that attract and ground other smaller stores or chains.
The downtown area with lots of specialized stores, expensive. They have banks, lawyers, financial district and retail district for consumers from all over.
refers to expensive, less accessible commodities or services.
refers to wanted yet easily acquired commodities or services (jewellery, clothing, shoes, etc.).
refers to products or commodities or services easily acquired, cheap and needed for survival (food, medicine, milk).

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