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Forced Order
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Name a Cree nation
what are the 3 groups of aboriginals?
Aboriginals who still live of the land are an example of __________ from society
Why is population growth in Canada bad for the natives?
This proclamation established that the land ownership of first nations was to be respected and they should receive payment for the land that they gave upNOTE: the principles of this proclamation were not followed
What are pieces of land set aside for aboriginals called
This is an aboriginal group that wishes to be treated as distinct on account of a shared culture and history
what are the two types of indians?
What type of schools were aboriginal youth sent to?They were not taught their history or language so these schools were damaging to the Aboriginal youth.
aboriginals who live in cities in the same way as non-aboriginals are and example of
Aboriginals who live in a mostly western way while still learning their language, heritage, and culture are an example of
Name an Inuit first nation
What type of payments did aboriginals usually receive for their land?
Name an advantage of making a treaty for the aboriginals
what two things did aboriginals want from treaties?
Name of an agreement between European settlers and aboriginals

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